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        Current and Upcoming Litters     

 We proudly offer discount to all military, police and fire personnel

 We Now offer puppy foundation training - contact us for further information

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Accepting deposits now !!

Due Jan 2016

Int'l Champion Worldwide's Dolche  X   Worldwide's Fabiano




Worldwide's Bugatti  x  Angel Puppies

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 All puppies in this litter are sold !

(4 World Winners in one pedigree)


                  Puppies Birthday                                                                 Puppies 3 days old

Photos of Bugatti, Angel and their Ancestors below

                Worldwide's Bugatti                                             Angel


          Worldwide's Bugatti                         CH  Paccino - Bugatti's Sire        GCH Stiletto - Bugatti's Mother


Cesare World Winner Bugatti's GrandSire           Apex Blaze - Bugatti's Grandmother           Warrior World Winner

                                                                                                                                           Bugatti Great Grand Sire


  Ch Ron - Bugatti's Great Grandsire                    Supreme GCH Tuff- Bugatti;s Great Grandsire


   Multi Ch Jones - Bugatti's Great Great Grandsire      Ch Bayron - Bugatti's Great Great Grandsire


       Stanley Pat Ultimatum - Angel's Sire                  CH Tarabas - Angel's Grandsire


   Baronessa World Winner Angel's Grandmother                    CH Nino Angel's Grandsire


 CH Yurak - Angel's Great Grandsire (2x line breeding)                           "Baby" Angel's Great Grandmother


Phone: 810-459-9630 / 931-209-7822 E-mail 

We offer a Live and recorded Puppy Cam so you can watch your puppy grow from the day they are born and in most cases you are even able to watch the birth live as it is happening.             

If you have a deposit on this litter please do not attempt to choose your puppy from these photos. Puppy choice is done with temperament matching and show/companion use in mind. All applications must be approved, deposits in and puppy selection will begin after six weeks of age in the order of deposits received.


We take great pride in the health & temperament of our Cane Corso Puppies. Our breeding program strives to uphold the highest standards of the breed while maintaining the mild temperament known to the breed.

Deposit/Pricing We proudly offer discount to all military, police and fire personnel  

A $250.00 deposit is required to reserve a puppy from any of our upcoming litters. Pricing begins at $1500.00 (we offer a discount if your deposit is received prior to the birth of the litter) Deposits can be made via PayPal to

Nutrition Your puppies care begins even before they are born. The pregnant mothers are fed high quality natural and holistic rations as well as given vitamin supplements and fish oils which keeps her healthy and promotes a stable, healthy growth rate for the puppies. While indoors, the puppies are raised on an anti-fatigue surface as to avoid pressure spots on young growing joints.

Worldwide Cane Corso pups are hand raised in our loving home. They are handled daily with lots of love and attention. We encourage the pups to develop a personality while looking to people for comfort. This tends to make the weaning process easier as the pups are easily comforted by human contact rather than just other dogs. Our puppies LOVE to be handled, the more affection the happier they are.

Health Guarantee We stand behind our puppies with a 26 month Health Guarantee Rest assured your Worldwide Cane Corso pup will be guaranteed healthy and well socialized with a stable temperament at time they take their journey home.   

Vaccination Puppies receive their first vaccination shot at 6 weeks. Additional shots should be given at 9 and 12 weeks of age or as recommended by your veterinarian.

.Registration papers  Worldwide Cane Corsos are eligible for 3 (THREE) sets of registration papers . ICCF, AKC, UKC and FCI for Import litters that are eligible. AKC papers are standard. Owner can request ICCF, and UKC papers.

Tail Docking & Ear cropping Tails are docked and dew claws removed at 3-4 days old (hind only is standard for us) Ear cropping is a personal preference and is up to the new owner. It should be discussed with your vet as there are many different styles of ear cropping available. We can arrange for the ear cropping here for an additional $250.00. We have found that ears cropped at 7 weeks require little to no additional care (taping/ posting)

Training We begin to train and socialize all our puppies as early s 4 weeks of age. They are paper trained to "potty" and if the weather allows we will even take them outside every 4-6 hours so they learn that although the paper is good outside is really the place to "potty".

Socialization We will have spent a lot of time offering positive experiences to socialize your puppy and once he/she is fully vaccinated (14-18 weeks) we encourage you to take him/her as many places as possible. Meet other people and other dogs, but do make sure they are positive experiences as you are laying a very important foundation for the dog your puppy will become. In general kind people and friendly animals are a good rule to follow. This is a CRITICAL age and your puppy will remember theses experiences for a lifetime.

Temperment Testing  All Worldwide Cane Corso puppies are temperament tested at 6 weeks of age. This process allows us to inform you not only what we see on a daily basis but how the puppies interact with strangers and many different items and situations during the test.

Picking your puppy Along with the Live Feed, we will provide photo and/or video updates approximately every 7-10 days as the puppies grow up so you  can evaluate their conformation and temperament as you watch them become the bundles of joy you will take home. Puppies are chosen at 6 weeks old. Show/ breeding pups are picked first and order is based on the order in which your deposit is received.

When can your puppy travel home ?  Puppies are ready to travel to their new homes at 8 weeks of age. We understand the demands of a busy schedule and want you to be available to spend time with your new arrival therefore your puppy is welcome to stay with us until 11 weeks at no additional charge.

SHIPPING: We can arrange for shipping Worldwide. Average cost of shipping a dog within the US is $250-$350.00. You will need to purchase a shipping crate also ($50-$100.00 depending on the size). We will supply the puppy with lots of padding, a stuffed companion and layers of towels so if he/she messes in the crate you can simply remove and discard the top layer for the ride home. Please visit out Shipping Page for detailed information on shipping via airline.

Puppy Pickup If you would rather drive to pickup your puppy but are limited on time we are willing to drive and meet you within 2 hours of our home.


We believe Health and nutrition is KEY to a healthy dog therefore our Worldwide Cane Corso Puppies come with their first set of shots, de-worming, a 30 day  supply of vitamin supplement by NuVET, and a 26 Month health guarantee !  Visit the Dog food info page for details

Key Benefits of a Worldwide Cane Corso puppy

  •  Health guarantee
  •  Bag of food your puppy is on
  •  30 day supply of Nu Vet or MVP K9 Vitamin Supplement
  •  Live Puppy Cam
  •  First shots completed
  •  First de-worming completed
  •  Healthy puppy check completed
  •  Microchip
  •  ICCF registration  
  •  AKC registration
  •  FCI registration for those eligible (Imports)
  •  Lifetime breeder support

   Feel free to contact us anytime !

Testimonial for Worldwide Cane Corsos

They are the best breeders currently in the Midwest! Jay and Jen operate Worldwide and are the nicest  and friendliest people around. They are excellent to deal with from your first communication with them all the way till you get your puppy, then they provide any extra support that you may require throughout your  companion's life! When I started researching the best breed of dog for my family, my requirements were stable temperament, solid pedigree, good around kids, loyal, athletic, and it all pointed to the Cane Corso. Next, I started researching the best products that support a happy and healthy Cane Corso! As I began to research each and every breeder I came across within a 1000 mile radius of Indiana, only a select few, actually provide the best resources to support their dogs.

Worldwide has incredible Cane Corso specimens and they supply them with the best food, the best supplements, the best toys, and most importantly, the best human interaction! Of course, there are other breeders out there, but why settle for anything less than the best?

contact us to reserve you puppy today!

Buy With Confidence We are ID Verified with Next Day Pets..........



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Copywrite Worldwide Cane Corsos 2009

All rights reserved. No photo from this website may be used without prior authorization

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