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Your Worldwide Cane Corso is eligible for 3 sets of Registration papers


 You are not a required to register your puppy, but it is strongly recommended.  You may choose to register with any/all of the registries below. 


Pet Puppies will receive their registration applications once we receive conformation that they puppy has been spayed or neutered


 Naming Your Puppy: You may choose any name you like for your puppy but his/her name must begin with "Worldwide's" and you must use the same name for any registries you choose to send in.


           AKC  You may register you puppy with AKC online (click here) and follow the online instructions. You may also Locate the AKC Registration Application. This certificate expires in 12 months.  Fill in the puppy's name, complete your personal information, sign and mail to: American Kennel Club, PO Box 900058, Raleigh, NC  27675-9058. The registration fee is $10.00 Make check payable to AKC. This registration does not include a pedigree from AKC.  If you have any questions on AKC registration, call AKC at 919-233-9767, or visit their site (Click Here) .


            ICCF  Locate the blue ICCF registration application,  fill in the puppy's name and complete your personal information, sign and mail to International Cane Corso Federation: PO Box 1405, Pine Bush, NY  12566-1405.  Registration is $20 & a 6 generation pedigree is $20.  (an official  pedigree is only required for show purposes, you will be given a copy of the certified litter pedigree with your pup).  If registration is received after your pups 6 month birthday, there is a $5 late fee. If you have any questions about your ICCF registration call ICCF @ 845-744-3869 or visit their website


            UKC  Locate the United Kennel Club registration application. This certificate expires in 9 months. Fill in the puppy's name, complete your personal information, sign and mail to  United Kennel Club, Inc. 100 E Kilgore Rd. Kalamazoo, MI  49002-5584.  Registration is $16.00 Make check payable to UKC to:  Pedigree is optional. If you have any questions about UKC registration or events to enroll your dog in call UKC at 616-343-9020, or visit their website




As always feel free to contact us anytime with questions you may have.

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