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Earn Free Food/ Vitamins


 You are not a required to complete any formal classes with your Worldwide Cane Corso but we feel so strongly that it is good for them that we offer incentives for those who complete classes and earn titles.


 Puppy Kindergarten = 1, free 30 count NuVet Vitamins   We strongly encourage you to participate in a puppy kindergarten class.  This is an excellent opportunity to socialize your puppy around other people and other dogs. Most classes also offer great training tips for young puppies. Your puppy should be enrolled in puppy kindergarten before 6 months of age (the ideal age is 12-16 weeks). Once you have completed your Puppy Kindergarten mail us a copy of his/her graduation certificate certificate and we will send you a 20# bag of Flint River Ranch Food Or a 30 count of NuVet vitamins FREE.


Canine Good Citizen Test = 1 free 30 count NuVet Vitamins  Once you puppy is  trained to the basic obedience commands, we encourage you take the Canine Good Citizen test. This test offered at PetsMart as well as local obedience and dog training facilities as well as some dog shows. A link to the CGC We will provide you with a 10 step guideline for the CGC test. If your puppy passes the test before he/she is 18 months, simply send us a copy of his/her CGC certificate & we will send out your free Vitamins !


 Earn a Title = $50.00 CASH = Conformation / Protection / Obedience / Agility / Tracking / Weight Pull / Search and Rescue / Rally-O / Flyball or Freestyle Events. If you choose to compete with your dog and earn a title in any of the above catagories simply send us a copy of his/her title & we will send you a check for $50.  An additional $50 will be sent if the pup makes it to the top 10 in AKC Breed ranking or UKC's (United Kennel Club Top Performance dog list for the year (Super Dogs or Ultra Dogs). For details on this program click HERE









As always feel free to contact us anytime with questions you may have.

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